Nicole Arana, Founder

Nicole started her dental career in San Diego in 2009 while completing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Over the years Nicole has worked for a total of 4 offices, gone on countless working interviews, and advanced in the front office position. Nicole has also been a part of offices where there are new owners, adding an associate, and merging practices with another office.

Her last position as a Practice Coordinator/ Front Office Supervisor was in a General & Cosmetic Dentistry office. She is a current member of the American Association of Dental Office Managers and San Diego Chapter for Dental Office Managers. Her passion grew along with the ever changing industry. She strives to better her skills and knowledge by taking continuing education courses, online research, connecting with other dental peers.

Going to interviews and getting a job offer after every working interview, Nicole thought to herself how come the other candidates weren’t offered the position? With all the experience she gained and connections she made, she decided to create SD Dental Fill-Ins. Nicole wants to help others find an office to call home and give a quality employee to a quality office/practice.  Nicole also wants to help front office employees improve their skills in creating a custom plan to achieve their individual or office goals.

Without the pressure of sales or consulting, she wants to educate and manifest other dental professionals in referring new team members and bettering one’s office expertise. It’s simple, she loves what she does and wants to help the dental community grow & that’s how SD Dental Fill-Ins was created.

“Nicole is AMAZING! Working with her was such an easy and comfortable process. It was not hard to contact her and even if she wasn’t available at the moment, she would contact you ASAP. She goes out of her way to make sure any issue is resolved asap or to make sure things will run smoothly for you.”